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The Angolaca Group is synonymous with technical competence, dynamism and versatility, always allying its activity with a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility and orientation towards creating value for all stakeholders.


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The Kikolo work unit is in the municipality of Cacuaco and marks the beginning of operations of the Angolaca Group in 2003. Since then there has been a very significant development in terms of working conditions and accommodation. This unit has an office building, warehouses, canteen, laundry room, social room, sports facility and a resort with swimming pool for the accommodation and well-being of employees. In these offices, AngolACA and Vivangola are headquartered, among others.

Housing Units -  56 | Office - 1137 m2 | Logistics and Distribution - 2000 m2



With a total area of around 50 hectares, the Panguila unit is characterized by its eminently industrial vocation. In this unit, the repair and maintenance of equipment and vehicles, industrial centers, water and geotechnical laboratories, as well as warehouses of parts, consumables and construction materials are installed. In this unit there are also offices, a canteen and a housing block for accommodation of employees.

Housing Units - 78  |  Bitominous - 200 Ton/hora.  

Logistics and distribution - 2000 m2   | Workshop and Equipment Management - 1720 m2

In Caxito is still installed the quarry of Vale do Paraíso, with an area of implantation of 42 hectares.

Cracked rock - 1500 m3/dia  | Gravel - 1500 m3/dia | Tout-Venant - 1500 m3/d



With a total area of 14.5 hectares, the Lombe unit reinforces the consistency and technical and productive capacity of the Angolaca Group, through the production of aggregates, concrete and bitominous and prefabricated in concrete.

Cracked rock - 500 m3/dia  |  Tout-venant - 400 m3/dia  |  Bitominous - 80 Ton/hora  |  Concrete - 60m3/hora  |  Blocks - 2000 un/dia  | Pipes, Cones and Rings - 30 un/dia 

In addition to this unit, a quarry and an aggregate production center are installed in Caculama.

Cracked rock - 1000 m3/dia  |  Gravel - 600 m3/dia  |  Tout-venan- 900 m3/dia



This unit includes, in addition to the Concrete Plant, Prefabrication and quarry, accommodation for employees, offices, warehouses, workshops and a geotechnical laboratory.

Cracked rock - 500 m3/dia  |  Gravel - 300 m3/dia  |  Tout-venant - 400 m3/dia  |  Concrete - 40m3/hora  |  Blocks - 2000 un/dia  |  Pavement - 600 m2/dia  |  Curbstone - 500 ml/dia  |  Pipes - 30 un/dia



Located in the Municipality of Catumbela, with a total area of 51 hectares, the Benguela work unit is the operational platform in the southern area of the country. Equipped with large and modern industrial infrastructures and logistical support, it comprises office area, housing area for employee accommodation, canteen, social room, workshops, warehouses, industrial centers, sports facilities and an agricultural production area and plant nursery of the Agroangola company. In this work unit, the companies Ambiáfrica and Agroangola are headquartered.

Cracked rock - 1000 m3/dia  |  Bitominous - 160 Ton/hora.  |  Blocks - 2.000 un/dia  |  Pavement - 350 m²/dia  |  Curbstone - 750 ml/dia  |  Pipes - 35 un/dia



Located at approximately 7 km from the city of Huambo, this 41-hectare work unit comprises an office area, a housing area for employee accommodation, canteen, social room, workshops, warehouses, industrial pre-fabrication centers, operation of quarries and ornamental rock production unit, cube and micro-cube, as well as an agricultural farm.

Cracked rock - 1500 m3/dia  |  Gravel - 900 m3/dia  |  Tout-venant - 500 m3/dia  |  Concrete - 80 m3/hora  |  Bitominous - 140 Ton/hora  |  Blocks - 1050 un/dia  |  Pavement - 350 m2/dia  |  Curbstone - 500 ml/dia  |  Cube/micro-cube - 20 m3/dia

Lunda sul


In this province, the Angolaca Group has a strategically located competency center in Saurimo and Dala, materialized in offices, industrial centers, workshops and a geotechnical laboratory.

Cracked rock - 500 m3/dia | Gravel - 800 m3/dia | Tout-venant - 600 m3/dia | Bitominous - 120 Ton/hora

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